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Guiding you to new depths and heights!

ElevateWork - Guiding work to new depths and heights

To go higher and farther, we have found that you need to go deeper and wider — to the roots and nourishment in the soil.

Working with ElevateWork is a deep dive into the heart and essence of purpose, leadership, vision, community and relationship - building healthy roots for sustained performance. We help you elevate leadership, meetings and culture and community, by building foundational capacity to thrive with change. We will help you create a felt sense of aliveness that emerges when people contribute from the deepest sense of themselves and perform in the highest expression of their potential.

We invite you to open space for the 'soul' of your organization to launch you to new heights of innovation and results.  

Elevate Leadership

Elevate Leadership

Deepen & Expand Your Capacity to Lead

Embody Genuine Contact with your Self

Mentoring — Dialogue Workshops

Elevate Culture

Elevate Culture

Liberate The Organizational Soul

Build the cultural capacity to thrive!

Assessments Facilitation — Dialogue

Elevate Community

Elevate Community

Build Capacity to Thrive Together

Create a Culture of Peace & Belonging!

FacilitationDialogue Workshops

Bringing diverse, widespread organizations together

ElevateWork specializes in bringing diversity into cohesion and inclusion. For us, everyone's voice is important and deserves a safe space to be respectfully listened to and heard. The wisdom is always there if it is given space to emerge. If you want to bring your organization or community closer together for effective collaboration, to collapse polarized views into common ground or to break down silos, then we can help you create an appropriate space for this to occur. Our own diverse team and skill-set includes...

  • Online meeting facilitation to effectively bring people together to collaborate over large distances
  • The ability to bring facilitation to you in multiple locations, languages and cultures
  • A whole-person, whole system approach that invites people to show up in their authentic brilliance
  • Workshops designed to help you bring your organization into health, balance and wellbeing
  • Tools to measure and transform your organizational culture to support your vision, mission and goals
  • Simple processes and tools to self-diagnose your organizational health and balance
  • Holistic Leadership Mentoring: An opportunity for leaders to build capacity to thrive with change, while being in  your values, life purpose and your organizational mission
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About ElevateWork

We are an international group of facilitators, trainers and coaches with a shared mission to elevate the world of work in collaboration with other like-minded, like-hearted leaders and organizations.

ElevateWork specializes in facilitating highly effective online meetings, holistic leadership mentoring and cultural change. Open Space Technology, Bohm Dialogue, online Open Space conferences, participative online meeting facilitation,  Cohering Community, and facilitator training are our specialties.

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