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Open Space Technology Training


Learn how to facilitate Open Space meetings in-person and online!

In this live, online, experiential workshop you will learn how to facilitate the powerful, engaging Open Space meeting method.

Open Space Technology (OST) is a transformative meeting process that helps organizations or communities self-organize to solve complex problems or take advantage of emerging opportunities. This simple, efficient and effective process creates an open, collaborative environment for breakthroughs in innovation, problem solving, creativity, and productivity. An Open Space meeting taps into the passion, wisdom and knowledge of people and teams like no other group process can. It can be used in groups from 5 to 1000+ participants.

In this experiential Open Space Technology training you will...

  • Learn how to facilitate Open Space Technology method in both the in-person and online environments.
  • Gain knowledge to support your clients in making the best decision about why, when and how to use Open Space Technology to accomplish their goals
  • Develop knowledge on how to create a clear meeting theme with your clients that will engage participants and invite them to take personal responsibility to achieve the desired results.
  • Learn simple frameworks and processes to prepare your client for an Open Space meeting that has the right theme, with the right constraints ("givens"), for the right length of time and with the right people involved.
  • Learn how to work with your clients following the Open Space Technology meeting to ensure that the organization is able to reap maximum benefit and take appropriate action as a result of the meeting.
  • Explore what it means to 'hold space' as a facilitator and what you need to develop within yourself to effectively facilitate Open Space meetings.
  • Receive tools, templates, processes, tips and knowledge for facilitating Open Space Technology in an online environment.
  • Experience a short, live, virtual Open Space meeting; complete with agenda creation, multiple breakout video rooms and dynamic report creation.



Genuine Contact Program 

This Open Space Technology Training is the Advanced Module Workshop I of the Genuine Contact™ Program. Upon successful completion of this "Working with Open Space Technology" workshop, participants will receive international certification for this module of the program and be invited to join facilitators world-wide for ongoing mentoring, community and additional training.

Who should attend this Open Space Training?

Knowing how to facilitate Open Space Technology is essential if you are a...

  • Organizational transformation or development consultant
  • Facilitator or specialist in community building, engagement and participation
  • Trainer or educator needing a powerful mentoring or learning integration process
  • Open Space Facilitator that wants to learn how to do Open Space Online
  • Leader of a social movement wanting to actively energize and engage members
  • Project or Program manager needing to coordinate cross functional teams to solve a complex problem
  • Conference or event coordinator looking to generate a more collaborative experience for participants
  • Change leader wanting to develop your organizational capacity to easily navigate and thrive with change
  • Online meeting facilitator that wants to engage larger groups in online collaboration

Bottom line: In this age of disruptive and accelerating change, taking this Open Space training will give you a powerful tool to rapidly energize organizations, build trust, expand collaboration and open up the wisdom of your teams to achieve better, more sustainable results.


Leaders Inspiring Change


  • Live Online Interactive Sessions

    The interactive live portion of this Open Space training will be delivered in a system called ZOOM which includes interactive video, audio, whiteboards, breakout rooms and chats.

     Important: To attend this workshop you will need a computer or tablet running a Microsoft , Apple OS or Android operating system. You can access this live, online workshop using a Smartphone but your experience will be better using a computer or tablet. Your computer will need a microphone, speakers and a stable Internet connection... the faster the better.

    To optimize the integration of your learning, the live portion of this Open Space Technology training will be delivered in five(5)  3.5 hour sessions spread over 5 weeks with homework assignments between sessions. You should expect 1-2 hours of homework per week in addition to the live sessions.

  • Guided Study in the Learning Centre

    The self-organized part of  the learning in this Open Space facilitation training will take place in our online Learning Management System (LMS). In this system, you will find reading materials, videos, homework assignments and you will be able to access video replays of past live sessions. To get most out of this workshop it is essential that you do the assignments before coming to the live sessions, since live sessions are primarily designed for questions, discussions and group work and based on your self-organized learning. In the LMS you will also  be able to communicate by emails and forums with instructors and other students from the course to deepen your learning and connection between live events.

  • Facilitating for the Whole Person

    This Open Space training will be facilitated using the methodology of Whole Person Process Facilitation from the Genuine Contact™ Program.  Using this methodology, we pay particular attention to  the 'whole person' - connecting left and right brain, intuition, voice and heart (emotional intelligence). To optimize your learning, the training incorporates  various learning styles including time for theory, practice, self reflection, small and large group work.

    You may find that in the training you are more present and  connected  with yourself and with others than typical online trainings. Be prepared to be surprised!

    Click here to learn more about or take a course in Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF).

  • An Experience of Open Space Online

    At the beginning of this Open Space Technology facilitation training, you will experience as a participant a short, live, online Open Space  meeting to set the context for our training and to witness the power and potential of using this methodology  for collaboration  with virtual teams. 

    From the experience of an actual Open Space meeting, you will then  learn and integrate the essential components and essence of your experience so that you can replicate your experience for others either in-person or online.

  • Where can OST be used?

    Open Space has been used around the world in almost every language and culture and with every kind of organization. It has been used effectively for a diverse range of purposes such as  conferences, strategic planning, mentoring, product development, community building, visioning, sales planning, customer  engagement, organizing movements and conflict resolution. Open Space Technology has been used in groups ranging in size from 7 people to  2,000!

    Now, with effective, stable online video and  online meeting technologies, Open Space has come into the online world.  Imagine hundreds of people from around the world gathering in a live virtual space, focused on a purpose, creating an agenda together and breaking out into multiple simultaneous virtual video rooms to do their work. This is what is possible and the cost savings and possibilities for team collaboration  are immense.

  • Open Space has Principles
    Four Principles of Open Space Technology:
    • Whoever comes, are the right people (reinforces that the wisdom to achieve solutions is present in the room and the group is not to worry about who is not present nor to panic about who is)
    • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have (keeps the attention on the best possible effort in the present, not worrying about what we "should have done")
    • Whenever it starts is the right time (reminds people that creativity cannot be controlled)
    • When it is over, it is over (encourages people to continue their discussion so long as there is energy for it. This may result in a short session not filling the entire time allotted, or it may result in a session longer than the time allotted)
  • Open Space has 1 Law

        The Law of  Two Feet (also called The Law of Mobility) states that if participants find themselves in situations where they are neither learning anything or contributing anything, they are responsible for moving to another place, for example to another group meeting. The principles and law enable people to participate in ways that are most meaningful to them. They get to take responsibility and contribute according to their passions, talents, skills, curiosity and energy in the best way they can in any moment.

        When organizations capture the energy of their people through optimal, engaged learning, passion and personal responsibility, then performance dramatically improves. People are motivated and the right work gets done!

      1. Open Space has a 'Marketplace'

        Having explained the process, the facilitator opens the meeting to let the group create the agenda by identifying topics that are important to the individual regarding the theme. The individual puts his or her topic on a sheet of flip-chart paper along with their name announces the topic to the group, and then posts the topic on the agenda wall. There is a means of assigning room spaces and times for the topics that are generated.

        When all the topics are up, everyone goes to this "marketplace of topics" and signs up for the topics of discussion that interest them. The facilitator gets out of the way. The group self-manages the discussions and produces a report of the proceedings at the end of their discussion for all to read. The facilitator oversees what is happening at the computer station, which is where the reports from each group get inputted. The facilitator reconvenes the group as a collective whole at day's end and in the morning again in a multi-day event.

      Imagine Online Open Space Technology Facilitation

      It is only with recent technological advances such as high performing live video, whiteboards and multiple online breakout rooms, that facilitating an effective Open Space meeting in the online environment has become possible.  If you have the need, the knowhow and the desire, engaging people around the world using Open Space Technology is a game-changer for organizations.

      In this Open Space training, you will learn how to facilitate Open Space Technology for virtual communities and organizations. Below is an example video of an "Opening" which explains the process principles, law, bumblebees, butterflies and agenda creation for an online conference.



      Imagine Open Space Online...

      • The energy is high.
      • You have a hundred people from around the world gathered together in an online space.
      • They have the capability to see and talk with each other as if they are sitting together in a physical circle
      • They are gathered for a specific purpose - to solve a complex problem, develop and expand an idea or  engage  in  mentoring each other
      • They start with no agenda, but after a short introduction, they self organize and collaboratively build the perfect agenda with diverse topics for breakout work
      • They break off into multiple, simultaneous virtual spaces, each with a topic leader and then after that meeting is complete, they self-select the next breakout to go to in the next breakout time.
      • Each person has the opportunity to attend any session, speak and contribute
      • All breakout discussions are recorded by someone taking notes  on the highlights of the meeting and the decisions and actions to be taken with the topic.  The video can be recorded too.
      • After the breakout  sessions are complete, participants gather back in the main space to share their experiences, what they learned and make more decisions.
      • At the close of the meeting the energy is higher than in the beginning. The energy is palpable.

      Imagine... No speeches. No Presentations. Just people actively engaged with each other co-creating solutions from their energy and passion. It just works!

      This is not an imaginary meeting. This is being done now and it is a game-changer for wide-spread organizations  wanting to effectively connect the wisdom of their organization  - without the expense of travel.

      You will learn how to do this in this Open Space Technology Training!

      Open Space Technology Training

      Meet the Facilitators


      J. Richard Schultz

      Richard Schultz likes to play on the leading edge of personal and organizational transformation, facilitating with processes that not only work, but shift people and cultures to new paradigms of thinking.

      As an expert in shifting the limiting subconscious patterns that hold individuals and organizations back from reaching their goals, Richard has traveled internationally training hundreds of people in accelerating their life and work success by changing their minds.

      Richard’s strengths are imbedded in the practice of facilitating the whole system. He actively engages his clients in discovering where change needs to occur and empowering the leadership to make their shift in the most efficient and effective manner. Richard works extensively in whole system processes such as “Open Space Technology”. His constant desire is to transfer to the client the necessary skills, confidence and capacity to lead whole system change with a minimum of outside support. Richard also specializes online collaborative meeting facilitation and has a comprehensive understanding of both the technical challenges and proven methods to effectively engage people in this environment.

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