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Course- Learn how to Lead Effective and Engaging online meetings

Need a Quick-Start to Leading Great Online Meetings?

Leading Engaging & Effective Online Meetings is a self-study, quick-start course on how to facilitate collaborative, energizing online meetings. In the course, you will learn online facilitation tips and techniques coming from over 15 years of experience in leading and developing organizations, teams and communities online. 

With a focus on meetings with more than 2-3 participants and which are longer than 1 hour, the processes and techniques taught in this course will be helpful for:

  • Board meetings, project meetings, and team meetings where you want to create an environment that connects and engages all participants
  • Groups needing to draw upon the collective wisdom, ideas and strengths of participants to develop solutions to urgent problems or needs
  • Meetings where you want to expand collaboration, innovation and stronger relationships within a team or network

NOTE: If the purpose of your meetings are to only deliver information to participants, rather than engage them in developing solutions, then we suggest you look at other meeting formats such as a webinar.

What you will experience in this course

In this course, you will learn tips, techniques and skills to:

  • Plan and design engaging and effective online meetings
  • Prepare yourself to effectively lead participative meetings
  • Invite participants to fully show up, prepared and on-time
  • Begin meetings in a way that genuinely connects, engages and gives participants a voice from the start
  • Work with groups in a way that engages the collective wisdom, encourages collaboration and promotes results
  • End your online meetings in ways that summarize conclusions, invite feedback and energize the actions going forward

The course contains 39 modules (learning steps) which includes video, text and diagram explanations and demonstrations. It also contains downloadable exercises and tools to help you plan, design and prepare meetings. For maximum benefit, we also recommend that you take extra time to practice and experience the techniques and tools taught in this course with your team or group. 

While the primary focus of this course is not to teach you about the technology, for your convenience we have included basic videos and information about two online platforms that we use — Zoom and QiqoChat. This will be particularly helpful if you are still looking for an effective meeting platform or you wish to learn more about the basic features and benefits of these products.

Testimonials about this e-Course

This well-designed Self Study online course has aided in my understanding of Whole person engagement process of a meeting. I appreciated the attentiveness that this process has brought to many aspects of facilitating a meeting.

The day I started this course, I excitedly waited for the next day to continue the self study reflective process! I was fully immersed in it till the survey section. My colleagues will appreciate the fine nuances of this coursework & will be able to apply with ease & joy.

Gayatri - India


Leading Engaging & Effective Online Meetings

With Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson, Richard Schultz
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A quick-start, self-study course to lead great online meetings!
  • Learn the essentials of how to design, prepare and facilitate online meetings that engages the collective wisdom of participants.
  • Lead with approaches, techniques and tools that maximize online participation.
  • Shift your meeting culture to one that is more open, energizing, collaborative and creative 
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Leading Engaging and Effective Online Meetings - an online, multimedia, self-study course available to be taken as many times as you wish for up to 4 months after purchase. (NOTE: Prices are in Canadian dollars. The full price is approximately $110 USD)
C$ 149.00

Your Course Facilitators

Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson, Sweden

Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson, Sweden

Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson has committed to work with sustainable development of people, communities and organizations, supporting people to use their whole wisdom and reach their potential. Most of her work is with local community development and social entrepreneurship. In her consulting work she draws on her many years of experience being a leader of economic and non-profit associations and European Union funded projects.  

She is especially interested in the field of adult learning and communication, having long experience of the impact of systems, structures and culture on innovations, efficiency and learning. She has a Master´s degree in Adult Learning & Global Change at the University of Linköping, where she specialized in online communication and collaboration in widespread organizations. Being one of the first authorized trainers of the Genuine Contact ™ Program, she has taught the program components to hundreds of people in Sweden and internationally so that they could claim leadership and be more successful in their own lives and in their organizations. See more on Eiwor's website at

Eiwor loves to be in nature. She is trained in Outdoor Pedagogy and often uses nature as a room for teaching and learning, even integrating a sense of nature into an online environment. She knows that nature has a balancing effect, which helps people feel good and be more creative, more productive and learn easier. 

Richard Schultz, Canada

Richard Schultz, Canada

Working internationally, Richard loves to facilitate and coach leaders in re-inventing their lives and work from the inside-out. He is an expert in shifting limiting beliefs and emotions that can hold people back from finding their authentic voice and living their passion. He supports leaders and organizations in discovering, integrating and actualizing their true potential; to create their ultimate, authentic, fulfillment experience.

Richard has deep experience in the corporate world, spending over 15 years working in a variety of sales and account management positions for IBM and other software companies. Since leaving the corporate world, Richard’s training and experience became deeply imbedded in the practice of facilitating and training people in "whole person/whole system processes" and working with cultural transformation. His attentive, authentic style and presence naturally opens the space for his clients to embrace and take action on the deeper changes or expanded potentials that are emerging within the system. Richard's favorite group processes are “Open Space Technology” and Whole Person Process Facilitation.

Richard has been facilitating meetings and working extensively with teams in the online world for the last 15+ years. In the online world, he has facilitated numerous meetings and conferences. He and his colleagues have proven to themselves that most kinds of meetings that are done in-person can also be done effectively online.

Satisfaction Guarateed

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our courses assist leaders in navigating change by teaching powerful tools for leadership, meeting facilitation, and individual and organizational transformation. If you are not satisfied with what you receive in the course and the potential of the tools and processes you learn with us, then just say so, and we'll give you your money back.

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