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Reimagining the future of Work



Reimagining the future of Work

Let's reimagine work!

Thu, Jun 3, 2021
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Canada / Ontario / Toronto
This Event has already begun and is closed to further registrations.
You are invited! New Dates - June 3rd. 

We invite you to join us to co-create a new paradigm of work. In this 1/2 day workshop, we offer you the opportunity to explore the challenges of our times with other leaders. Together, we will share experiences, discuss solutions and envision the ideal workplace for the future. You will also experience a collaborative conversation container that supports organizational transformation. 

You will:

  • Create time and space for creative reflection rather than overwhelm
  • Share perspectives on the current and upcoming challenges we face
  • Awaken new possibilities, potentials and solutions to those challenges
  • Get practical wisdom to take back to your organization
  • Experience effective online collaboration and dialogue 
  • Make a genuine connection with other curious and courageous leaders

Are you ready for inspired change? To re-imagine the world of your work? 

Join the conversation on June 3rd! Register now!

Reimagine Work
The great invitation to change

We are living in a world of accelerating, often overwhelming and disruptive change. The typical response to disruptions are "fight or flight" reactions and quick "band-aid solutions." What new possibilities could arise if we took the time to reflect and re-imagine solutions that are more sustainable in the long term. What might happen if we built the capacity to respond rather than react into our organizational cultures?

We believe disruption can create opportunity. For far-sighted leaders, it is an opportunity to re-create the foundations of how we work now, and into the future, as resilient, agile leaders and organizations, capable of weathering the storms that come. We know that disruption isn’t always bad. The collaborative event can be a catalyst that brings about innovative ideas and stretches your imagination.

There is opportunity in disruption!

In the world of work, studies have shown that staff and employees alike are often disengaged, experiencing burnout, or looking for better opportunities elsewhere. For many, work is an activity that they tolerate in order to survive rather than a soulful experience that brings fulfillment and meaning to their lives, and success to their organizations. At the same time, managers and leaders have been under significant pressure to deliver more profits and productivity while providing greater sustainability, diversity, and innovation. Prior to 2020, the world of work was already challenging!

Then, came the disruption caused by Covid. This event had an immediate, global impact in the way we both live and work — for literally everybody in the world! Whether we like it or not, working from home using online meeting technologies have become the norm. More than a temporary or practical change, this disruption is calling for a complete reassessment and overhaul of what we value, what gives us meaning and how we organize and structure work in the future. It is inviting us to re-imagine work.

Being able to accommodate these dramatic changes and trends means that we need to seriously question the things we did before, anticipate the changes yet to come and make wise decisions on how we build our capacities to navigate change for the future.

What is the silver lining for you in these disruptive times?

What do you want to keep and what do you need to let go of?

What undiscovered potential is awaiting to emerge out of your storm?

Let's envision the future of work, together! Register Now!

Your ElevateWork Event Hosts

Richard Schultz - Canada

Richard Schultz, Canada

Johanna Wallin - Sweden

Johanna Wallin, Sweden

Anders Johansson - Sweden

Anders Johansson, Sweden

Ad van Roosmalen - The Netherlands

Ad van Roosmalen, The Netherlands

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