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Online Conference Facilitation

Elevate Your Online Meetings

  • Are you interested creating collaborative online meetings that not only get you better results, but are also energizing and enjoyable?
  • Is it time to say goodbye to the dull, ineffective online meetings that no one wants to come to or wished that they hadn't?
  • Are you wondering how to create larger-scale online meetings or conferences which engage everyone's voice, passions and wisdom?

Online meetings can actually be much more effective, engaging and collaborative than typical in-person meetings! Our ElevateWork team is skilled at online meeting facilitation that create highly participative events that will take your team to new heights. We can also train you on how to do what we do. 

The Challenge with Online Meetings

In geographically distributed organizations, online meetings have been necessary for a while. Recently however, the isolation caused by the Covid-19 crisis has unexpectedly launched most organizations into having all of their meetings online. This has presented several challenges:

  • Lack of knowledge on which online meeting platforms will meet their needs
  • Insufficient online facilitation skills and experience within the organization or teams
  • Existing meeting cultures do not support participation, engagement and collaboration
  • The perception (and often a reality) that meetings tend to be a waste of time
  • The perception that online meetings are more difficult and less effective than in-person
  • How to have larger conferences that are participative and creative; not just a webinar

Challenges with online Meetings

Elevating Online Collaboration

The challenges presented by online meetings can be easily overcome. In fact, if planned, prepared and facilitated properly, online meetings can be elevated to a level of engagement and collaboration beyond typical in-person meetings. The technology has also matured to the point that the online meeting platforms today are easy to use, high in functionality, secure and the connections are stable. Online meetings when led correctly can be highly advantageous. Online meetings can:

  • Be more efficient, effective and productive than in-person meetings
  • Save on travel, room space and other costs associated with team meetings
  • Allow for even greater participation, engagement, collaboration and creativity
  • Encourage meeting cultural shifts into being more inclusive, energizing and meaningful
  • Easily and quickly allow teams to come together to solve the urgent challenges of the day

Showing Up Online

Join the ElevateWork team in this video conversation below about how to show up in online meetings. The video demonstrates several online meeting facilitation techniques and tools.

Online Meeting Facilitation

Online Meeting Facilitation


Contact us to help you elevate the results and quality of important upcoming meetings with a skilled online meeting facilitator. 

Based on a thorough consultation with you about your needs, we will design and facilitate highly participative, collaborative and innovative online meetings that draw out the wisdom of your team or group.

Having an outside facilitator is ideal for important Board Meetings, planning sessions or challenging discussions.

Online Conference Facilitation


Elevate your conferences to a new level of engagement with Open Space Online.

Most online conferences stream one or more speakers to an online audience. This is called a webinar. This is NOT what we do!

What if you could bring hundreds of people into a live, video-based online open space event where everyone is engaged with each other in conversations that matter, innovative problem-solving and action planning? This is Open Space Online!

Online Facilitation Training


Learn how to lead engaging and effective meetings with our online facilitation training.

Our specialty is holistic facilitation and leadership training using the Genuine Contact™ approach. We offer everything from a "quickstart" online facilitation self-study course to extensive online facilitation training and leadership programs that will take your organization to new heights.

Join us in a public offering or contact us to do a workshop specifically for your team.

Testimonial for Online Open Space

To trust an unknown entity based on an e-mail exchange and a call, to selflessly feel into the importance of what was being attempted, to draw upon the infinite Source for guidance and support and to stretch tirelessly to see that the online conference for educators on Creating a Compassionate World Together succeeded ... all these were in evidence in the support we got from Richard, Ad and the ElevateWork team.

The Technical Support for a novice Tech Team on using the QiqoChat platform, the valuable co-facilitation of the Online Open space on Days 2,3 and 4, and the deep spiritual resonance of working selflessly for a higher purpose has endeared Richard, Ad and the ElevateWork team to all of us.

I pray that we can collaborate on many more similar projects to bring joy, peace and abundance for all back onto the planet.

Thank you Richard, Ad and the ElevateWork team!

— Arun Wakhlu, Executive Director, Pragatile Leadership

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