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Thank you for your interest in bringing your group into the Cohering Community experience!

If you represent a group of 8–14 people, we'd love to talk to you and have you join our program. If you represent several groups or teams that are part of an organization, community or movement, this could be just the thing you are looking for to activate greater engagement, creativity and impact in all your teams. If you have more than one group interested, let's discuss creating a custom program exclusively for your organization!

Cohering Community Dates

The next general Cohering Community Cohort is planned to start on Thursday, September 12, 2024 at 12pm NA-Eastern time with live sessions every Thursday until November 28.

  • The Leadership Group will start meeting a week before the general program and will meet for an additional 3 weeks afterward.
  • The Leadership Group will also meet for an additional 90 minutes per week during the general program. This is currently planned for Tuesdays at a similar time, but we are willing to change this based on the best availability of registrants.

NOTE: If enough groups wish to start earlier than September, we will consider hosting a special cohort at an earlier date. If your group wishes to start earlier, please indicate this in your application.

Applying for the Group Stream

Let's explore the possibilities! To get started, we'll book a meeting with several members or all of your team to discuss your challenges, needs, questions, and the possibilities of this program to make sure it is a good fit. Please complete and submit your application in the form below. After submission, you will be directed to our calendar to book a time to meet.

Complete the application form below and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom.

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What is your group name?
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Please share something about your group and why you are attracted to the Cohering Community program
* How many group members do you have that are interested in taking the program?
Our group program offering includes 2 seats in the Leadership Stream. Is this sufficient, or would more than 2 members of your group be interested in the Leadership Stream?
How long has your group been together?
What would you hope to achieve by participating in this experience? i.e.) Your desired outcomes
What are some of the challenges you experience as a group?
Is your group part of a larger organization, community or movement? If so, what is it and what impact would you hope to have on this larger community by taking the program?
* How familiar is your group or team with circle-based practices?
Check all that apply
We are not very familiar with what is meant by circle practices
We are familiar with circle-based group practice
We have extensive experience in circle-based group practices
We have some experience in our group with LEADING or hosting circle-based groups
We have extensive experience in our group with LEADING or hosting circle-based groups
Other (please describe):
What doubts or reservations do you have about participating as a group in this program?
Please share any additional questions or comments you have about Cohering Community program.

Cohering Community

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