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Leadership Stream Application

Thank you for your interest in the Leadership Stream of the Cohering Community program!

Leaders in this program have an important role. As part of your learning process, you will have the opportunity to practice circle leadership by co-hosting one of the cohort groups. We will also include you as part of our facilitation team, and you will therefore have a deeper, more extensive relationship with us. In successfully completing the program, it is our hope that you will bring your leadership skills into your community or other groups. In short, your success is our success, and success for the world.

Cohering Community Dates

The next general Cohering Community Cohort is planned to start on Thursday, September 12, 2024 at 12pm NA-Eastern time with live sessions every Thursday until December 19, 2024.

  • The Leadership Group will start meeting a week before the general program and will meet for an additional 3 weeks afterward.
  • The Leadership Group will also meet for an additional 90 minutes per week during the general program. This is currently planned for Tuesdays at a similar time, but we are willing to change this based on the best availability of registrants.


Applying for the Leadership Program

To help ensure our mutual success and the most favorable outcomes in your leadership development, we want to get to know you prior to registering. You are invited to apply for the program below by answering a short questionnaire which will be followed by a short interview. The intention of the interview will be to get to know each other, answer your questions and assess together if this program is a good match. 

Once you have submitted the form below, you will be directed to Richard's calendar to book your interview.

Complete the application form below and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom.

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Please share something about yourself and why you are attracted to the Cohering Community Leadership program.
What is your experience with group facilitation, group dialogue or group coaching?
I have no facilitation experience
I have some group faciltation experience
I have lots of experience facilitating groups
I am expert in group facilitation and open to learn more
Other (please describe):
How familiar are you with group circle-based practices?
I am not familiar with what is meant by circle practices
I have a basic understanding and experience with circle-based group practice
I have extensive experience in circle-based group practices as a participant
I have some experience leading or hosting circle-based groups
I have extensive experience leading or hosting circle-based groups
Other (please describe):
What is your experience level with Zoom meetings?
I have no experience with online Zoom meetings
I have only been a participant in Zoom meetings
I have run some Zoom meetings and have a basic level of technical competance
I am technically competent with Zoom and much of its functionality
I don't know Zoom, but I am technically competent with other online meeting platforms
What do you envision doing with your new skills after the training? What are the possibilities for this in your life or work?
What doubts or reservations do you have about participating in this program?
Please share any questions or comments you have about Cohering Community program.

Cohering Community

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