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Anders brings in a unique outdoor perspective and a deep trust of process in his approach to engaging teams. Every now and then we need to change perspective; and to support us in doing this, we can rearrange the room, or we can use the 'outdoor room'. In a room with no walls there are no limits nor borders to cross. It is open to bring in other, unplanned influences that might support your thinking process or totally change its direction.

In his early professional life Anders spent some fifteen years in photography. This was a 'tough school' in learning how to meet and connect with people in a very short time. When working with portraits you only have a short moment to ‘get it’ - to listen and understand quickly who the person in front of you is. After photography, Anders spent fifteen years in higher education; teaching outdoor education and leadership. His key concept for leadership is ‘if more people do less, more will be done’. 

As a facilitator or educator, Anders is a "provider". He keeps the focus on the process that he knows has to happen in order to create a result.

If, in a feedback situation, he hears that he was a bit invisible, then he takes it as a compliment - that the process worked out well. To him, there is a lot of energy added in the beginning to get the process up and running, but when the work has begun, the process needs very little energy to keep it going; it almost runs by itself. This is the moment that the word "provider" becomes clear. Anders "holds the space," and provides it with coffee and snacks, fetching extra material or something else that the group needs to get their work done. Simply said, Anders makes it easy for the group and process to succeed according to their own creativity and get results.

Anders likes to work out-of-doors because of the potential and possibility of unforeseen inputs adding to the conversations and group processes. These 'inputs' from nature often change perspectives and with this shift in perspective, groups often find different, more innovative solutions than they would have found with the same questions in a closed room around a table. He has found that Nature intelligently supports a 'self-organizing field' that gets results.

Together with his colleague Torbjörn Wrange he created the concept Skogsfloating® that gives an extra dimension to the outdoor room experience. (The word “skog” means forest.) The skogsfloating room has twelve chairs connected to the center but separated by anchors in the outer circle. When you are in the room, you are all at the same level, softly swaying with the forest crown as the ceiling. This environment uniquely supports open and honest conversations.

Anders is motivated to find the appropriate balance between health and the demands and preconditions of life and work. He trusts that the knowledge and wisdom is always within the individual, group or organisation, and he is always eager to support you in bringing this wisdom to the surface.

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