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The Call Of Deep Cultural Transformation

In this age of rapid innovation and disruption, the ability of an organization to build a corporate culture that engages, attracts and retains talented people is emerging as the most important criterion for sustained success. Cultures need to be fulfilling, agile and resilient.

Executives and employees are searching for organizations that will support them in their personal and professional growth. They want to work for companies that are not only great places to work, but are also socially responsible and embrace sustainable development. They want to feel a sense of alignment between their personal values and their company's values. They want a workplace that has soul and feeds their soul - a work environment that is healthy and balanced.

Similarly, customers are becoming more aware of the impact of company policies on the environment, and on economic and social sustainability. When they have a choice, they are choosing to purchase products and services from companies who share their values.

The Age of Consciousness

We are accelerating into an Age of Consciousness. There is an explosion of self-help books, value based leadership programs, coaches, yoga, meditation, environmental awareness & sustainability to bring us back into balance with ourselves, our communities and our planet.  Built upon the Information Age where the "capital" for success is knowledge, the Consciousness Age is about building cultural capital.

Cultural Capital — The Foundation to Thrive

For leaders, the Age of Consciousness is about accessing authentic power and wisdom. Successful leaders and organizations in this new age will have gone to the depths to figure out what values and beliefs they want to stand for and from that core, build a culture that consistently walks its talk. In the consciousness age, connection and relationship becomes the foundation and currency of success. Organizations that nurture the flow of this currency will win the hearts of customers and employees alike. In this paradigm shift, cultural capital is the foundation of your agility and capacity to thrive. It is your stability and your growth.

Elevating Your Cultural Capital with Us

Whether you are working with a team, an organization or a community, we facilitate with proven methods and processes that will help you build the cultural capacity that embodies the authentic heart and soul of your organization to awaken and achieve your maximum potential.

  • Cultural Assessment Tools to measure your current cultural state and ongoing transformation.
  • Workshops to determine and define your core values and take them into aligned behaviors and action.
  • Mission and Vision discovery and alignment workshops.
  • Health and Balance Workshops to assess your capacity and put holistic plans in motion.
  • Holistic leadership programs, coaching and mentoring to support leaders in being the change.
  • Whole system, empowering change methods such as Open Space Technology that engage people in co-creating a culture where works for everyone.

Contact us for a consultation on how we can help you elevate your culture.

We help you develop your own capacity so that you do not need to rely on outside consultants.

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