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Liberating the Soul of Leaders

Elevate Leadership

In societies and organizations, there is a deepening hunger for more conscious, elevated leadership. The old leadership paradigms are no longer working. This is evidenced by a decrease in engagement and an increase in polarity and conflict. In this time of great change, institutions everywhere are failing and many organizations are struggling to adapt and thrive. People are feeling less connected among themselves and disenchanted with those "in charge."

In an elevated leadership paradigm, leaders lead so that others lead. They build capacity. By going into the depths of understanding themselves and their own potential, they can recognize and ignite the leadership potential in the people and organizations they serve.

How would you like to expand your own leadership capacity or the capacity within your organization? 

What kind of leader do you aspire to be?

When most people speak about extraordinary leaders, they will not just refer to what they DO, but even more, to whom they are BEING. When we consider leaders, we think about their inner capacities of character, talents and strengths.

Great leadership includes qualities such as focus, courage, integrity, transparency, patience, open mindedness, decisiveness, listening, accountability, passion, empowerment, empathy and humility.  Elevated leaders exhibit emotional intelligence and self-awareness.  By being authentic and walking their talk, they inspire others to stretch into their own greatness, capacity and potential to lead.

What is the state of leadership in your organization?

Where do you long to take it?

Elevated leadership

Leading From The Whole Person With The Whole System

In the customary ways of working with teams, organizations or communities, the current belief systems, structures and cultures often put a limit on the potential that is inherently there. When leaders do the 'inner work' with themselves and their culture and also create liberating outer structures, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

When the barriers to communication are removed and the safe environment invites the "whole person" and the "whole system" to truly show up and participate in creating and implementing a change, then it can occur within a fraction of the time and expense. This deep change engages the 'Soul' of organizations in profound ways and it is ultimately good for business! This deep, but simple work is where ElevateWork can help you and your organization or community shine with all your brilliance.

Liberating the Soul of Leadership

ElevateWork leadership mentoring and workshops can help you develop your innate leadership capacity from the inside-out. Our holistic programs are designed to get you in touch with and show up in your authentic brilliance.  In working with ElevateWork, you can:

  • Discover and connect to your true purpose
  • Clarify your core values — the inner compass to fulfillment
  • Identify and learn to lead from your unique strengths and talents
  • Transform limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in old patterns
  • Expand your leadership qualities and capacities through powerful shadow integration work
  • Live in greater health and balance
  • Become more self-aware and authentic
  • Create positive, high impact relationships and teams
Elevate Work

Elevate Leadership With Us

We offer training and leadership mentoring to:

  • Build the capacity to lead sustainable organizations in step with change
  • Build the confidence and resiliency to face current and future challenges
  • Master a holistic leadership approach to lead agile and sustainable organizations

The needed leadership capacities can be learned in different ways. We always customize our work towards the needs of each organization and its leaders. Some examples of how your leadership capacity could be build are:

  • In the Cohering Community Program we offer a comprehensive next-stage leadership and facilitation course designed to deepen trust within teams and build capacity to thrive with change.
  • Leadership mentoring, Bohm Dialogues, coaching, and tools that support your way forward, removing old inherited patterns, shadows, and blockages.
  • Mentoring in learning communities, often online, to support deeper learning and continuous growth.
Contact us for a consultation about developing leadership in your organization
After understanding your needs, we'll customize a program just for you!

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