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Group Facilitation

In most organizations, people spend a lot of their time in meetings.  To get the value for the time and effort spent in these meetings, they need to be effective, engaging and results oriented.  Optimally, they tap into the creativity and collective genius and potential of the people present.

Meetings can be likened to the breath and circulatory system of an organization. Without them, effective communication and creativity begins to collapse and the organization loses its aliveness.  The same can be said for ineffective meetings which stifle collaboration and the ability of participants to solve complex problems and achieve your goals.



Effective Group Facilitation

There are many things to pay attention to in ensuring effective group facilitation. We deliver those things and then go beyond them — recognizing the unseen world of intuitive knowledge, including the collective consciousness, as valuable assets for any organization to work from. Our holistic, whole-person, whole-system approach has far-reaching benefits which includes getting results and building the cultural capacity to thrive with change.  

Meeting in a circle

We have chosen theories and frameworks that we have found to work in enabling consistent learning results in adults and what many who work with us say it is like "magic." Its usefulness is that it works, has a good track record, is transferable to any situation, and it is duplicable and simple.

Meetings of any kind are useful only if learning is taking place. Our promise to you is that through this way of group facilitation, learning is enhanced, potential is tapped into that has lain dormant, and in the end, it takes less time and time is used more effectively. The group benefits and achieves outcomes, usually beyond their expectations.

Using our meeting methodology, and depending on your organization's needs, we can effectively facilitate effective, highly participatory meetings and conferences from 2 to 1000 people — including online meetings! 



Online Group Facilitation

As global partnerships, e-commuting, and multi-city or multi-national organizations grow, facilitating online meetings effectively is becoming just as important as in-person meeting facilitation is.

We have been developing highly effective and engaging online meeting facilitation processes based on our in-person techniques for over 15 years. Learn more about our online meeting facilitation processes. Our specialty is Online Open Space Technology

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We are an international group of facilitators, trainers and coaches with a shared mission to elevate the world of work in collaboration with other like-minded, like-hearted leaders and organizations.

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