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Need to improve community or employee engagement?
  • Interested in getting people or employees fully engaged in co-creating innovative solutions in your business or community?
  • Want to create an experience where everyone feels they have the opportunity to have their voice heard, and they fully show up to contribute with responsibility and passion?
  • Need to create an environment where you can tap into the collective wisdom of groups?

Effective engagement is what Open Space Technology does naturally.

What is Open Space Technology?

Open Space Technology (OST) is a proven, effective meeting methodology that engages individuals and groups in collaborating to create solutions to pressing, often complex issues.

Developed by organizational consultant Harrison Owen, from Potomac, Maryland, USA, Open Space Technology facilitation creates an open environment that captures the knowledge, experience and innovative capacity in the organization that is not captured through less open processes. It also creates the conditions for an organization to utilize the potential of the workforce, inspire growth in organizational performance, and to learn to use the chaos in the organization to work for you rather than against you. The Open Space Technology process taps into the collective wisdom of the group resulting in solutions and outcomes that are felt immediately and are often surprising.

As organizations utilize meetings and conferences as a primary way of connecting people to accomplish tasks, it is imperative that meetings be "opened up" in terms of appropriate structure and process to really get the work done that is needed for organizational excellence. Individuals need to be brought together quickly in ways that removes the constraints of inappropriate structure and control. Open Space Technology achieves this.

Open Space Technology FAQ
How can Open Space be used?
When is Open Space appropriate?
What are the results of OST?
What happens in Open Space?
Where can Open Space be used?
Open Space Meeting Logistics
What are the Principles of OST?
What is the 'Law of Two Feet'?
Can Open Space be done online?
Where do I learn to facilitate OST?

Online Open Space Technology

(Example of typical Open Space Online opening)

What does an in-person Open Space Technology meeting look like?

...a video by Jean-Philippe Poupard

Interested in engaging the grassroots of your organization in solving issues fast?

There is nothing like Open Space to bring out the passion and responsibility of teams!

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